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It is possible for a well sited solar PV installation to earn a tax free income of £700 as well as saving around £140 a year on the household electricity bill meaning that the system could pay for itself in less than half of its expected lifetime leaving you to reap the financial rewards as this scheme has been guaranteed by the UK Government for 25 years. Currently if your solar photovoltaic panels were installed by an accredited installer you can earn up to 44.3p p/kWh for the power you export to the national grid and up to 41.3p p/kWh for the electricity that you use.

How are the government paying for this you might ask well the answer is simple they will be raising the funds by increasing electricity prices to the standard customer in a hope for individuals to act as quickly as possible to convert to renewable solar energy whilst it makes financial sense.

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Solar Hot Water Systems

A second scheme is currently in place for those looking to purchase a solar hot water system where the government will give a grant of a maximum of £400 or 30% of the total vat-exclusive installed cost, whichever is the smaller cost. In reality the cost of a solar hot water system means that most will receive the £400 grant.

It is planned that the current grant scheme will stop towards the end of 2010 (Once the allocated money has run out) and to be replaced with the new renewable heat incentive (RHI) scheme which works on a similar basis to the FITs scheme. While the final figures are not currently available it is thought that a payment of around 18p per kWh for the heat generated will be paid meaning that on top of the average saving in heating bills you will earn back an extra amount of around £350 per year. This gives a similar 'payback period' as may be obtained with Solar photovoltaic systems.

You must either act quickly to take advantage of the remaining grants that are available for solar hot water systems or be ready for the new renewable heat incentive scheme.


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Solar Panels - Photovoltaic & Water Heating

Solar Panels - Photovoltaic Systems - the new Feed In Tariff (FIT) from April 2010

Direct grants for the installation of solar photovoltaic systems are no longer available but there are still grants available for improving a homes energy efficiency that can be used towards the cost of solar panels.

The direct grants have been replaced since April 2010 by the new government backed feed-in tariff (FIT) scheme with which you have the ability to earn back money by feeding unused electricity generated back into the national grid as well as earn money for the power that you actually use. Ofgem are administering this scheme and the electricity suppliers themselves are responsible for paying the reward back to the customers.

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