Views taken from the top of the BT Tower Birmingham


There should have been 553kg of oil in this 11,000 volt industrial transformer that was last serviced in 1993.

The operating temperature should have been at 55 degrees celsius.

However, there was little oil present and the temperature was much higher and a very dangerous situation would have soon arisen!

Domestic property - and a collapsed and dangerous situation in a cellar made safe until the arrival of the supplier - the meter was ‘new’!

Left - The earth wire is attached to the metal light fitting by a screw terminal - but the other end has been taped up!

If the fitting becomes ‘live’ then you may discover the fault when you come to change a bulb!

Right - This is the way an installation should be!

.... or is it?

        There was no earth connection from the supply to the earth terminal because when the screw was tightened it was actually pinching the earth sheathing and not contacting the earth wire - not enough metal conductor had been exposed and hence there was no earth continuity.

        No one could ever have seen this and only a formal periodic inspection and test revealed it.

Left - a modern domestic installation in a hallway cupboard at floor level - but a disconnected live circuit that has been taped up with red tape!

And ‘blanks’ were missing to the front of the unit that should have been in place to prevent ‘inquisitive’ fingers


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