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Customer Loyalty Scheme


What happens if I recommend a family member or friend?

Firstly, thank you! We love you to spread the word about our services and appreciate that you do!

After we have carried out work with you we will send you an email with a unique reference number for you to forward to your family and friends. All they need to do is quote this number when they request us to carry out some electrical work with them and if we enter into a contract for domestic services totalling £2000 or more, then on completion of that contract and full payment, you will receive a cheque for £50 paid to you directly from us!

I've been recommended by my family member or friend - what do I do?

If we have carried out electrical work with your family member or friend, they will have a unique reference number that they need to give to you. Please quote this reference number to us AFTER we enter into a domestic contract agreement with you worth £2000 or more. As a thank you to you and your family member or friend, we will reduce the cost of our work with you by £50 and on completion of the work and full payment by you, we will then give your family member or friend a cheque for £50.

Then you must look out for an email from us with your unique reference number, so that you can tell your family and friends, and earn some more £50 bonuses!

NHS ‘Gold Card’ scheme

Is an NHS staff discount scheme run  by Medic Care that entitles card holders to obtain a discount from selected providers.

Staff who have access to the NHS intranet can search for selected establishments or providers who offer such a discount.

Here, at Birmingham Electrics Ltd, we recognise this scheme and are happy to help NHS staff by offering a discount that we do not offer to other organisations.

If you are part of the NHS and you would like to find out more then you may wish to contact Medic Care at or by calling 0800 783 8594


0792 9911580 and 0792 9912620

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Customer Loyalty Scheme

NHS ‘Gold Card’ scheme

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There is no charge for this as our ‘payment’ is when you select us as your electrical contractor to work with you!

At a mutually convenient time either Tony, James or Luke (or any combination!) will visit you to assess your electrical needs. We will explain and justify what we think we can provide in keeping with your current and foreseeable needs, safe working and best professional practice, your safety and cost.

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