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They also offer a complete catalogue of specialist components, pumps and integrated solutions packages.

Our specific expertise is with PLC’s and the flexibility to provide associated input and output modules plus the option for you to include both text and touch screen display HMI’s (human machine interface). We also programme the units.

Overall, along with CDS Electrical Ltd, we provide:

  1. BulletBespoke and turnkey chemical dosing solutions

  2. BulletPLC’s, input/output modules, text and touch screen HMI’s

  3. BulletA full catalogue of equipment

  4. BulletFull and complete installation and maintenance

  5. BulletOperator training


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Chemical Dosing Systems

Chemical Dosing Systems

This somewhat specialist area involves the application of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) to control the delivery (usually via pumps) of chemicals pumping in industrial or chemical processes. These processes are applied to the ‘dosing’ of chemicals that may otherwise be hazardous to individuals or where specific control or regulation is required.

We also offer the technology for effluent control and water treatments - from factories to leisure facilities and even swimming pools at home!

We work closely with CDS Electrical Ltd ( because they have many years of expertise in this field and can expertly advise concerning your specific needs.

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