Views taken from the top of the BT Tower Birmingham


You will only ever receive a quote or have an electrical survey carried out by one of us!

We are a family business (Tony, James & Luke) and, amongst other things, fully qualified electricians.That includes all of us having the ‘17th Edition’ wiring regulations as all electricians were required to have by January 2010. We also hold the ‘Part P’ qualification for domestic installation - ‘full scope’. We also have the City & Guilds 2391 qualification for industry - Inspection & Testing

....... and all of us are science graduates or post-graduates of British Universities in subjects such as physics, electrical engineering and computer science

We really have worked on some of the most important facilities that help maintain the security of the United Kingdom! You have been trusting our work - but just didn’t know it!

We can’t show you pictures of some of the regions of Gloucestershire nor of Cornwall where we have been because some of those facilities have a certain amount of sensitivity particularly in the climate of today

(All of the photographs were taken with permission and they were taken by us with the exception of RSRE and the Russian trawler that were taken by a colleague)

All of these facilities, to this very day, have one thing in common

They all need electricity and they need professional scientists, technologists and electricians to carry out the work!

More views from the BT Tower - Birmingham

RSRE  was previously known as the Royal Radar Establishment (RRE) but after being renamed RSRE the facility seemed to go through a number of privatisation changes being referred to as the ‘Defence Research Agency’

The site has since then contracted enormously and is now managed by an American company!

The east coast of Britain and the equipment that you see has long since been decommissioned otherwise we would not be able to include such pictures here!

Even so, some of the pictures have been taken from the public road

Electricity and power requirements are enormous for such installations and, as you can imagine, reliability is a very important and vital factor

Computing power and facilities have also increased dramatically over recent times

The far north of Scotland at a time when various ‘exercises’ were being carried out!

The boat was a Russian trawler - and the amount of aerials that it was bristling did seem to suggest that it was actually performing some sort of ‘fishing’!

With ‘live’ trials you only have one chance to confirm that power requirements and  functionality will be delivered under the operational conditions that the customer demands!

In the Mediterranean

.........well, someone had to do it!

This is an aircraft carrier with electrical systems that require power and electricity in much the same way as a small town!

The Post Office Tower replaced the old lattice steel mast that used be on the roof of Telephone House, in Newhall Street, Birmingham, in around 1967.

The General Post Office (GPO) produced a small pamphlet about the Tower detailing it’s height of 500 feet and a cruciform structure with the strength being in the thickness and rigidity of the outer walls, unlike the London structure, for example, that is built on a central column or spine.

On the third floor of the building was a functional model of two Towers pointing at each other and transmitting microwaves!

The old ‘Height finder’ radars and their size in relation to our vehicle

The Royal Signals & Radar Establishment - Malvern

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